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The best story wins. Make sure it's yours.

We can help your B2B SaaS startup accelerate pipeline and revenue in 30 days.

We do this by capturing actionable insights from your best customers and using them to optimize your product story and drive consistent go-to-market execution.

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Can We Help You?

Do you have a strong market and a differentiated product — but slower growth than you'd like? Then yes, we can help.

For startups like yours, the fastest path to faster growth is to optimize your product story and drive consistent go-to-market delivery across every customer touchpoint. This is what we do.

In 30 days, we'll craft a customer-driven product story and go-to-market playbook that will help you:

  • Accelerate pipeline & revenue
  • Minimize customer churn
  • Focus your product roadmap
  • Motivate your employees
  • Hire better people
  • Grow your valuation
  • Raise money faster
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What is a Product Story?

Your product story defines what you do (category), who you serve (target customers), and how you're different (differentiation). It's what you use to attract ideal customers and compel them to buy.

Your product story also answers three core questions for your ideal customer prospects. Why change what I'm doing today? Why you versus alternatives? Why now versus later?

Your product story includes target customer and buyer attributes, positioning statements, supporting messaging (feature-benefit-value statements), and more.

Our 3-Step Product Story Process

Your product story should not be developed in a vacuum. Nor should it sit on the shelf once done. You must capture insights from your best customers to develop a copelling product story. And once completed, you must systematically drive your story across every go-to-market customer touchpoint to ensure the consistent delivery that will accelerate pipeline and revenue.

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We interview your best customers to understand how they find you and why they buy. We capture key insights, including pain points, purchase triggers, how they research solutions, what alternate solutions they consider, and what specific features and benefits drive their selection process.

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We use your new customer insights — plus feedback from your leadership team — to optimize your story so that it resonates with your best-fit customers and compels them to buy. We produce a Story Guide that details your target customer and buyer profiles, positioning, messaging, and more.

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We show your Marketing and Sales teams how to use your Story Guide to consistently deliver your optimized story across every go-to-market customer touchpoint. We provide templates and examples for your website, emails, ads, sales decks, case studies, explainer videos, press releases, and more.

Why Us?

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We've spent the last 30 years startups helping startups generate billions of dollars in enterprise value through superior product story development and delivery. We've been there, done that.

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To develop an effective product story, you need a rigorous, data-driven process that starts with customers and drives all the way through to demand gen and sales. We've got one.

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Developing a great product story is not enough. To reap the rewards, you must drive your new story across every go-to-market customer touchpoint with relentless consistency. We'll show you how.

ROI & Payback

Calculate the impact of an optimized product story and go-to-market delivery on your pipeline and revenue. A better product story drives better demand generation programs which drives more qualified opportunities — hence more pipeline. A better product story also drives better sales training and tools which drives higher close rates which drives more closed-won opportunities — hence more revenue.


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"I cut my teeth as a product marketing leader for Oracle Applications in the mid 90s. I've since been founder/CEO or marketing exec at 8 B2B SaaS startups. Those startups have produced 6 exits, including 3 public company acquisitions, a $1B IPO, and an $11B Secondary. After 30 years as an operator, I now focus on what I love most: Helping startups optimize their product story development and go-to-market execution to accelerate pipeline and revenue."

Malcolm Lewis headshot
Malcolm Lewis
Founder, HyperGrowth SaaS


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"Vitria completed a $1 billion IPO and an $11 billion Secondary on the back of a product story that wowed C-level executives and investors while relegating our competitors to a boring technical subset of our offering. Malcolm crafted that story. If you need to take your story to the next level, give him a call."

Alex Osadzinski headshot
Alex Osadzinski
Former VC, Trinity Ventures
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"Malcolm understands the business and experience of being an entrepreneur. More important, he understands how to help entrepreneurs build the story that will move prospective customers, employees and investors."

David Carlick headshot
David Carlick
Former VC, VantagePoint Capital Partners
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"I've worked with Malcolm at two different SaaS companies over the last five years. He brings a rigorous process to positioning products, and makes sure that Demand Gen and Sales are fully equipped to deliver the product story with clarity and consistency."

Matt Naiman headshot
Matt Naiman
VP of Sales at FieldRoutes (now ServiceTitan)

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