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Get your questions answered. But first, please read our frequently asked questions below to confirm that we are a good fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do exactly?

We are a product story coaching firm for B2B startups. Our goal is to help you optimize your product story, using ideal customer insights, and then drive your optimized product story across all go-to-market customer touchpoints to accelerate pipeline and revenue.

What kind of companies do you work with?

We generally work with funded B2B SaaS startups that have established product-market fit as evidenced by at least a dozen happy customers who are paying for your product and using it regularly. Our sweet spot is startups in the $5-50M ARR range.

How much does it cost to work with you?

For a standard project, your investment will be $20,000. We find that payback analysis using a conservative 5% lift in pipeline and close rates covers our fee within one to two months.

How long does a typical project take?

A standard project takes 4 weeks. That assumes that you provide timely access to your customers and leadership team for research interviews.

What's your availability and lead time?

We give our full attention to one project per month. February is booked, but we currently have openings for March, April, and May.

How exactly does your process accelerate pipeline and revenue?

Pipeline — defined as qualified sales opportunities — is driven by your demand generation programs. These include your website, email, ads, webinars, etc. Demand generation is a garbage in, garbage out process. If you feed it with an optimized product story, with tight targeting plus positioning and messaging that you know will resonate with ideal customers, you will generate more opportunities. Hence more pipeline.

Revenue — defined as closed-won sales opportunities — is driven by your sales enablement programs. These include sales training plus sales tools like sales decks, case studies, etc. Sales enablement is also a garbage in, garbage out process. If you feed it with an optimized product story, with tight targeting plus positioning and messaging that you know will resonate with ideal customers, you will close more opportunities. Hence more revenue.

Try our ROI calculator to estimate how much incremental pipeline and revenue you could drive with an optimized product story.

How should I measure success with your service?

If we do our job right, you should see a meaningful lift in marketing-sourced pipeline, close rates, and revenue. We recommend that you measure these three metrics before you start working with us, and again 90 days after we complete our engagement.

What are your deliverables?

As noted above, our primary business deliverable is incremental pipeline and revenue. In terms of our process, we'll provide you with all of our customer research findings, a product story guide that includes targeting, positioning, and messaging for your ideal customers, and a set of written recommendations, with templates and examples, for delivering your new product story across demand gen and sales via your website, sales deck, data sheets, etc.

What makes you different from marketing and positioning agencies?

Most positioning firms will help you develop your product story — but then leave you to figure out what's next. We take you all the way to the finish line by helping you operationalize your new story. Because we know that consistent story execution with feedback loops is crucial to translating your new story into more pipeline and more revenue. Operationalizing your story means consistently delivering it across every customer touchpoint — from your website and demand gen campaigns to your marketing collateral and sales enablement tools. Your story reflects the needs and wants of your customers and competitive alternatives. These will evolve over time. You must implement feedback loops that help you evolve your story to keep it relevant and compelling.

Can I buy an hour of your time?

Unfortunately, no. We focus 100% of our time on our current client.

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